From Scary True Stories Vol. 1:

The Ghoul
Night of the Melon Heads
The Legend of Mother Meade
Attack on Camp Wepawaug
The Tomb of the Lurker
The Monster in the Shed
Dragons of the Old World
Demon Wings
Descent of the Wolf
The People Underground
In the Shadow of the Mound
The Thing in the Lake
What Jenny Saw

From Scary True Stories Vol. 2:

Black Mold
Curse of the House of Glamis
The Corn Witch
The Midnighters: Four Rivers
Demon of War
The Impostor
The Boy in the Well
Shadow in the Sky
The History of a Bottomless Pit
The Midnighters: Green Man
The Beast of Blue Mist Road
Sasquatch City
The Keystone Devil
The Midnighters: Mad Science
The Walker in the Fog
The God of Winter Returns
Christmas with the Krampus

From Scary True Stories Vol. 3 (forthcoming):

An Account of the Traveller
Giant of Pennsylvania
Google Bus From Beyond
It Came From Below
Shadow of the Hunter
The Big Gray Man
The Devil and Jack
The Goat of the Woods
The Hidden People
The Midnighters: Black Dog
The Midnighters: Bogeyman
The Midnighters: Troll Bridge