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Mysteries of the Unknown

Man, I loved these commercials almost as much as I loved the books. Still have a few on the old bookshelf. These were, I guess, one of my gateway drugs into the wide world of weird paranormal stuff. What got you hooked on the spooky train?


Trees Are Scary

I like to read stories about people encountering weird stuff way out in the woods. What is it about the primeval forest that makes it so scary? Is there something mysterious and alive in those woods that we haven’t yet classified through traditional knowledge-making channels but somehow we still recognize at the fear of it deep down in the ancient parts of our consciousness? Take a walk and explore for yourself. Here is a list of some really haunted hiking trails. Good luck.

Polybius Lives!

Here are two great write-ups on the Polybius urban legend from AVClub and Uproxx. To sum up, Polybius was an old arcade game that had strange effects on its users.  After reading these articles, you might want to read about what happened when they released the sequel Polybius II! Find that story and more in Scary True Stories Vol. 2 available from your favorite ebook vendor.

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